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Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend

Way back in early 2009, it seemed like every single person on the internet was talking about The Girlfriend Experience, porn star Sasha Grey’s entry into the world of mainstream film.  The movie had a really great poster, and it was made by popular director Steven Soderbergh, but it didn’t get a whole lot of distribution and disappeared rather quickly, earning (according to iMDB) less than a million dollars total.

Yesterday, lazing my way through a combination sick day/snow day, I finally saw the film, which is currently streaming on Netflix.  It’s interesting, for a Hollywood movie about prostitution.  But also it’s pretty frustrating, particularly if you like movies where anything actually happens.

Grey plays Chelsea, a Manhattan call girl whose clients are mainly sad-sack hotshots who spend most of their sessions dispensing unasked for financial advice.  (Invest in gold.  Vote for McCain.  Invest in gold.)  Meanwhile, Chelsea’s also talking to a reporter who wants to profile her, chronicling her day-to-day life (and wardrobe) in a diary, and trying to update her website.  She agrees to meet a man who runs an escort review site when she knows full well that he’s probably full of shit.  She is mostly if not all business.

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