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Last Year’s Hookies
March 21, 2013, 3:24 pm
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[Note: I had originally written this for an actual publication, but my editor got a promotion and his replacement wasn’t so interested in hearing about gay escorting. I tried a couple of other outlets but I’m terrible at story pitching and alas, here it is 364 days later on this graveyard of a blog.]

It’s Friday night and there’s one solitary cop stationed outside the Roseland Ballroom on 59th Street in midtown Manhattan. It’s not an especially unusual sight; the Roseland is the largest ballroom in all of Manhattan, after all, and it’s standard to have law enforcement on hand in case the crowds get rowdy or somebody does something dangerous.

What’s odd, though, is the event he’s patrolling: the sixth annual Hookies, an awards ceremony honoring men who make some (if not all) of their livings by having sex with other men. Which is not actually legal in the state of New York, or anywhere else in the US, for that matter, excepting a few rogue counties of Nevada.

The Hookies are thrown each March by Rentboy.com, a listings website for gay male escorts that’s been around since 1997. Currently they have about 4200 ads posted in 79 countries (mostly the US and China), though those numbers don’t exactly reflect their actual number of advertisers. Escorts can list themselves in multiple cities, and many do; one adventurous Parisian named Kevin, for instance, currently has ads placed in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia and Botswana. (He’s not the one escort that claims to serve North Korea, although if you’re curious there’s one of those, too.)

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“Rabbis Do It Kinky!”
March 27, 2010, 10:35 am
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Here’s rentbear Rusty McMann before the Hookies last Friday, where he was nominated for Best Mature Escort.  Watch McMann (not McCann, which I had written previously because I am illiterate) get interviewed by the gay hooker equivalent of Joan Rivers.  She is, honestly, way more amazing than he is.

Dirty Cash, They Want You, Dirty Cash, They Need You, Oh.

The International Escort Awards, aka the Hookies, are taking place this Friday in New York.  I meant to think about going, because I love excuses to go to New York for parties, but I don’t actually see that happening this week since it’s the 15th and I haven’t even paid my rent yet (fun fun fun.)

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention that this teaser thing is up.  You can go to rentboy.com to vote until Thursday; I’m still not sure how any of this makes sense–you can’t legitimately vote on something until you’ve experienced all the candidates, right?–but Rusty McCann, who wrote that Salon article I mentioned yesterday, is up for Best Mature Escort and Will from $pread Magazine is up for Best Escort Blogger.  Also Rob, who’s nominated in the Best Top category, is kind of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, judging from the small jpegs that the site allows.