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My Ten Favorite Songs of 2012

10. Ke$ha, “Die Young”
The first, I don’t know, twenty times I heard this song on the radio I expected it to be Flo Rida. Which is to be expected, since the opening of this Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco song is pretty much the exactly the same thing they used for “Good Feeling” a few months earlier. But maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. We first heard Ke$ha, after all, when she and Flo crucified a Dead Or Alive song together.

This is the first song of Ke$ha’s that I’ve actually liked—well, okay, “Blow” grew on me after a few months but not like this—and I’m hesitant to buy into the promotional angling for her new album (which involves a soul-seeking journey to the Galapogos Islands, and The Atlantic calling her new tie-in memoir the new Feminine Mystique.)

The fifth co-writer of “Die Young” is that whiny singer from fun., and if his own dumb band’s songs were remotely this fun maybe I wouldn’t turn the radio off every fucking time “Some Nights” comes on.

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The Best of 2012, Part 6
December 6, 2012, 10:59 pm
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16. One Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful”

Until a couple of weeks ago this was a shoo-in for my favorite song of the year, the kind of hokey but perfect “hey girl! I like you for being you!” song that was, I think, most recently done well by Jimmy Eat World in 2001. Speaking of the early part of the last decade, this song is the first boyband song I’ve been truly into since the last *Nsync album. (Well, there was “Lovestruck,” but I never even heard that one on the radio.)

Then I reached my breaking point with “Live While We’re Young,” the skeezy, hormonal follow-up song that’s completely gross despite reprising roughly 97% of this song. How is this song so good while that one is so bad? I don’t get it.

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Catching Up

Some of the things I would have brought up lately, except that my Firefox seems anxious to crash every ten minutes or so:

The Sexies, awards for mainstream writing about sex, were announced yesterday.  First prize awards went to Time’s piece about vaginal rejuvenation (which, ick) and Boston magazine’s look at all those pregnant girls at Gloucester High School.  They also declined to give any awards to sex-themed publications, feeling the quality was weak overall in 2009. (via Sex In The Public Square)

And, oh, hey, Audacia’s looking for people to read at upcoming Sex Worker Literati events.  If you’re a sex worker (past or present) and in the New York area and want to read I’m sure she would love to hear from you. Continue reading

Sunday News


The Providence Phoenix on the delayed opening of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket. The author notes Donna Hughes’ strategic use of quotation marks.

Royksopp has a new video that I don’t much like conceptually, though the colors are nice and I’ll post anything if Karin Dreijer Andersson is singing it.

Lady GaGa’s biggest fan.  I’ve been meaning to respond to this for a week now but keep not doing it.

Paste’s Swedish pop playlist does not include anything I would put on a Swedish pop playlist.  Because a Swedish pop playlist that doesn’t involve ABBA, Roxette, or Lili & Sussie is not a good Swedish pop playlist.

What song best defines  the ’00s?  The Telgraph’s choice is cynical, but not entirely off the mark.

I have no interest in talking about Mackenzie Phillips.  But I’d love to talk some about how in 1974 John Phillips collaborated with Andy Warhol on a musical that was originally supposed to star Elvis.

Strippers for Jesus.

Call for entries: LGBTQ writers on mental illness.

Audacia’s hiring.

Finally, I listen to acid house about one day a year. 2009’s day of ACIEEEEEEED was the other day, thanks to this.

[photo: Daniel Craig photobombing Taylor Swift.  Taylor posted it on her Twitter the other day, and it fascinates me for about six different reasons.  Like, she’s really pretty!  She never looks pretty! Why is that?]

Midweek News Report


In case you were wondering what I’ve been reading online for the last three days:

Lily Allen’s thoughts about file sharing.

Ann Powers’ insight into Beyonce and Taylor Swift hugging.

How not to piss off a stripper.

Naomi Klein talks to Amy Goodman about Minority Death Match, her new article in Harper’s.

The Spectacle of Illiteracy and the Crisis of Democracy.”

Uninsured Americans more common than you’d think.

Luke Stephenson’s photographs of birds and beards are wonderful, but I only just came across his “Spectacle Wearing Folk” series.  (I want Mr. Jugg very, very badly.  Hear that, people with money and an urge to buy me presents?!)

Incidentally, I was reminded of Stephenson not because I have one of his canaries in my hall, but because some of his birds are used on the website for the UK Music Video Awards.

Remember that scene in Amelie when she took her dad’s garden gnome and photographed it traveling around the world?  Well, consider this the non-French, non-cutesy version of that.  This lady is currently vacationing with a cardboard cutout of her boyfriend while he’s serving in Iraq.  The photo in this article is amazing.

I missed this Design Observer article on the environmental impact of canvas bags until the Utne Reader just reprinted it.

I have exactly zero interest in watching Jay Leno’s new program.  Also, this article is awful.

The ten best (scariest) signs from the march on Washington.

This 107-year old woman in Malaysia is looking for a 23rd husband, because she thinks #22 will lose interest when he gets back from rehab.

Finally, those of you from New England may appreicate this interesting, though visually difficult to read, Gastronimica article about Fluff.

[photo: Luke Stephenson, Mr. Vietch]