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Tomorrow I’m Reading In Providence
December 8, 2012, 12:50 pm
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My general life philosophy is that I don’t pay covers, especially in Providence, unless there are either 1. performers; 2. strippers; or 3. it’s someone’s birthday party and I have no control over where the party train is going. This event has at least two of the three, though, so I’m not asking you to go to anything I wouldn’t consider going to myself.

Oh, And I Might Be Joining A Cult
June 5, 2012, 10:22 pm
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Netroots Nation, a pretty big conference for liberal-leaning bloggers, is having their annual conference in Providence this year. I’m not going.


Tomorrow there’s something called the LGBT Pre-Conference Connect, which I do plan to go to.

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Lost in the Streets–The Hidden World of Male Sex Workers

Tonight at Brown:

Have you heard of Project Weber yet? They’re an amazing group in Providence, RI doing direct service and outreach to male sexworkers in our state.

Come find out more as Richard Holcomb, co-founder of Project Weber, gives us an in-depth look into the world of male prostitution on the streets of U.S. cities and abroad. Through lecture, documentary clips, and a panel, this presentation will cover data, personal and professional experiences with this population, and the barriers and challenges in providing male sex-workers with appropriate services and support. The panel will include Richard Holcomb, one of Project Weber’s fantastic outreach workers, and documentary filmaker Dio Traverso, with SNEAK PEEK CLIPS from the documentary “Invisible”.

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Headmaster no. 3 Providence Launch Party

It’s happening a week from Saturday (the 10th) and we’re expecting it to be really fun. Really, really fun. Come!, if you’re in the area.

Lisa Lisa vs. Metal Night: Everyone’s A Winner

I realized, at about 11:15 tonight, that I hadn’t really spoken today. Through an odd combination of events–my boyfriend being out of town, my work consisting of walking dogs and editing photos, my familial Christmas obligations being over for now–I just didn’t have anybody to talk to today, excepting the one girl I ordered a coffee from this afternoon.

I had no intentions of going to a bar tonight, but realizing that I hadn’t spoken yet made me worry slightly for my sanity. So I went to the E&O, just to say something to somebody.

The E&O is a divey bar, three blocks from my new apartment, that is simultaneously small and yet oddly cavernous. It’s located on a side street, which by Providence law means that it’s forced to close at midnight. And it is, for lack of a more meaningful term, our hipster bar. There are a lot of beards and a lot of plaid and a lot of people getting shots with PBRs. Which isn’t a value judgment; I’m pro-beard and pro-plaid and, if forced to choose, would take a PBR over a Narragansett any day. But you know what I mean. I played the game I usually play when I’m lonely at a bar–How Many People Here Would I Consider Doing It With Based On Sight Alone?–and there were nine, which is a lot.

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Conner Habib And I, Together At Last
November 7, 2011, 8:24 pm
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So, close readers of this blog will know that for a couple of years now I’ve had a giant mental and physical boner for porn star writer Conner Habib.  So I’m super-excited to announce that this Thursday he’ll be in Providence and we’ll be reading some non-fiction together.

The reading takes place at 7pm at the AS220 Project Space–that’s the one on Mathewson St., next to the Stable.  The reading starts at 7pm and I can genuinely say that you should totally try to be there.  Conner is a very smart and interesting guy, and hopefully when we finally meet face-to-face I’ll be able to, you know, function and not just start slobbering.  Although COME ON would you blame me.  Especially now that I just saw stills from Joe Gage’s upcoming Dad Goes To College.  Holy Lord does that look like my new favorite movie ever.

Taking The Plunge
October 26, 2011, 2:21 pm
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It’s official… After seven years (and four roommates) in the same apartment, I’m moving at the end of November. Not far, just under two miles, but far enough that I’ll be spending a lot of time in the coming weeks cleaning out my attic. And my basement. And my garage. And my bedroom. And so forth.  (I’m not a hoarder, exactly, but seven years is a long time for books and papers to accumulate.)

That said, I’m doing one last major thing before I go: You know how periodically I advertise that I’m looking for models for dirty-ish photo projects? Yeah, so I’m going to do one more run of those before I go, as a way of saying goodbye to the place and also as a way to keep my sanity and not stress over what I’m going to do with all of my belongings now that I’m not going to have an attic and basement and garage…

So, if you’re in the Providence area and feel like taking your pants off for me, drop me an e-mail (mixtapesforhookers@gmail.com) and we can talk.

[photo: Guy In My Bedroom, 2008 (?)]