Mixtapes for Hookers

My Ten Favorite Songs of 2012

10. Ke$ha, “Die Young”
The first, I don’t know, twenty times I heard this song on the radio I expected it to be Flo Rida. Which is to be expected, since the opening of this Dr. Luke/Benny Blanco song is pretty much the exactly the same thing they used for “Good Feeling” a few months earlier. But maybe that shouldn’t be surprising. We first heard Ke$ha, after all, when she and Flo crucified a Dead Or Alive song together.

This is the first song of Ke$ha’s that I’ve actually liked—well, okay, “Blow” grew on me after a few months but not like this—and I’m hesitant to buy into the promotional angling for her new album (which involves a soul-seeking journey to the Galapogos Islands, and The Atlantic calling her new tie-in memoir the new Feminine Mystique.)

The fifth co-writer of “Die Young” is that whiny singer from fun., and if his own dumb band’s songs were remotely this fun maybe I wouldn’t turn the radio off every fucking time “Some Nights” comes on.

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Yeah, So I’m Off The Twitter Grid For A While. And Yet…

Thoughts I would have put on Twitter by this point in the morning if I weren’t on a self-imposed Twiatus:

1. There’s a song on the Ke$ha album called Dancing With Tears In My Eyes.  Lord, please tell me it’s not an Ultravox cover.

2. I subscribe to at least 4 frequently-updated vegan recipe blogs.  And does that make me more into cooking?  No, it just makes me more guilt-riddled.

3. No matter how hard I try to like her songs, Roisin Murphy just kind of gives me a headache. There, I said it.

4. If only Kathy Griffin’s ban from CNN was a sign that CNN might actually be interesting in fucking news instead of fucking people like Kathy Griffin…

5. All aboard for Mu Mu Land!!!  http://bit.ly/6lSI4u

6. I wouldn’t have actually linked to this Liz Phair/Manhunt post, because OMG my mom follows me, but yeah, you should read it.