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The Ten Best Movies (Of The Ten I Saw This Year), Part 2


The better half of the ten movies I actually saw in 2012…

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Back To Life, Back To Reality
September 10, 2010, 10:36 am
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I am back from my week away, and so many things happened!  I saw Ohio and Michigan for the first time!  I saw Lady Gaga for the first time!  I met my boyfriend’s family for the first time!  I went to a free Macy Gray concert for the first time!  I bought an Amish romance novel for the first time! I tried a lot of midwestern beers and sodas for the first time!

On the way to Detroit we stopped in Pittsburgh, which I love and want to go back to soon, and Altoona, which was nice if kind of unremarkable.  In Pittsburgh we went to the Andy Warhol museum and drank (surprisingly tasty) peach Manhattans at Eleven and some little nacho somethings at Seviche (even though I’ve never seen ceviche spelled with an s before).  Stayed at the Parador, which is an old Victorian mansion that is mysteriously Caribbean themed.  Got stuck in Steelers traffic.  (Had no idea Steelers fans were so rabid… even our innkeeper was wearing a Roethlisberger jersey.)

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Links And What Have You

Andrew Sullivan thinks Michael Stipe has the best beard of 2009.  I disagree, although maybe it’s because I still think of the hairy, more sexually frustrated Stipe who I fantasized about during my early teen years.  Either way, I’m listening to Monster for the rest of the morning.  (It is such an awesome album.)

The other day Unzipped gave out some awards to gay porn blogs.  Mainly it was uninteresting (plus, come on with the seven-way ties…)  They did give one to Arch Noble, though.  Somehow I had never seen that site before, but it looks good.

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