Mixtapes for Hookers

The Ten Best Movies (Of The Ten I Saw This Year), Part 2


The better half of the ten movies I actually saw in 2012…

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Sunday News


The Providence Phoenix on the delayed opening of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Pawtucket. The author notes Donna Hughes’ strategic use of quotation marks.

Royksopp has a new video that I don’t much like conceptually, though the colors are nice and I’ll post anything if Karin Dreijer Andersson is singing it.

Lady GaGa’s biggest fan.  I’ve been meaning to respond to this for a week now but keep not doing it.

Paste’s Swedish pop playlist does not include anything I would put on a Swedish pop playlist.  Because a Swedish pop playlist that doesn’t involve ABBA, Roxette, or Lili & Sussie is not a good Swedish pop playlist.

What song best defines  the ’00s?  The Telgraph’s choice is cynical, but not entirely off the mark.

I have no interest in talking about Mackenzie Phillips.  But I’d love to talk some about how in 1974 John Phillips collaborated with Andy Warhol on a musical that was originally supposed to star Elvis.

Strippers for Jesus.

Call for entries: LGBTQ writers on mental illness.

Audacia’s hiring.

Finally, I listen to acid house about one day a year. 2009’s day of ACIEEEEEEED was the other day, thanks to this.

[photo: Daniel Craig photobombing Taylor Swift.  Taylor posted it on her Twitter the other day, and it fascinates me for about six different reasons.  Like, she’s really pretty!  She never looks pretty! Why is that?]