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The Ten Best Movies (Of The Ten I Saw This Year), Part 1

The Master

Okay, so I only saw ten movies this year, so this list isn’t by any means a list of the ten best movies of the year. (In fact, this might be the first year since maybe high school that I actually went to a movie theater ten times.) And I actually liked all ten of them! Meaning either that I’ve got a really good sense of what to see, or else I’m getting soft and uncritical. Anyway, here’s some thoughts. I tried not to spoil anything although I probably did.

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Donna Hughes Has Been Getting Her Ideas From Watching The Manchurian Candidate, Or Something.

The March 20th Citizens Against Trafficking newsletter singles out one man previously unmentioned by either CAT or me, and it includes levels of insincerity and downright meanness that are rather shocking even by CAT’s finger-wagging standards, so I’m going to hold off on discussing that one until a better time (ie not the middle of the night.)  So let’s jump ahead, to the newsletter they posted Sunday.

Two nights ago, there was apparently a protest in front of one of the spas on Federal Hill, led by someone who used to live in the building.  (I’ve talked about this before.)  According to Donna Hughes and Melanie Shapiro there were “about two dozen” people there, though photographs show a grand total of four people, one of whom if I’m not mistaken is Donna Hughes herself.  (There was no media coverage whatsoever of this event, though, so I suppose we’ll have to take their word for it.  I’d like to mention, though, that it seems odd to picket the landlord of a non-owner occupied on a Sunday evening when pretty much no one is likely to be around and when the usually bustling street has a minimum of traffic.  But what do I know?)

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