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The Best of 2012, Part 6
December 6, 2012, 10:59 pm
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16. One Direction, “What Makes You Beautiful”

Until a couple of weeks ago this was a shoo-in for my favorite song of the year, the kind of hokey but perfect “hey girl! I like you for being you!” song that was, I think, most recently done well by Jimmy Eat World in 2001. Speaking of the early part of the last decade, this song is the first boyband song I’ve been truly into since the last *Nsync album. (Well, there was “Lovestruck,” but I never even heard that one on the radio.)

Then I reached my breaking point with “Live While We’re Young,” the skeezy, hormonal follow-up song that’s completely gross despite reprising roughly 97% of this song. How is this song so good while that one is so bad? I don’t get it.

15. Seeed, “Augenbling”

Despite the fact that I’m the one who listens to pop music in languages I don’t understand, my boyfriend is actually the biggest Peter Fox fan in my household. He doesn’t speak German, either (although we do have Falco Fridays at the studio pretty frequently) but for whatever reason he really loves the forty-something rapper even more than I do. And I think he’s great, for what it’s worth. I’m pretty sure this song, featuring Fox on lead vocals, would be his #1 song of the year, if he spent his time making favorite song lists the way I do.

The English verse in the middle is kind of silly, and I have a feeling if I spoke any German I’d think the same about the rest of the song. “You know how it goes, ja?”

Question about the video, though, that maybe one of you can answer: Is the party at the end just one big crazy baby shower? Is that what the scene in the middle means? I hope so.

14. Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

This song is really strange. Intensely popular, sure, but no less strange. There’s a “wheeee-eeeeee!” in the chorus that sounds like the pig in that Geico commercial, and then she makes a phone call during the bridge. Hearing it for the first time I was reminded of the first time I heard “Bad Romance,” where I assumed that the pop singer had just gone completely off the deep end. I don’t care if this song is about an actual man—I like to think that Swift is smart enough that she can write characters that aren’t specifically her, and also I don’t understand on a logistical level how or why she chooses to have to many short-term celebrity boyfriends. Or why we should care.

13. Gepe, “En la Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)”

This fall I got sucked into the video for 31-year old Daniel Riveros’ giddy “En la Naturaleza (4-3-2-1-0)”, despite the fact that it contains some of my least favorite things (and by things I mean fashions, I just realized.) But that trumpet! The singer is apparently bigger news than I realized: last week ABC News featured him recently in a profile on Chilean pop music.

12. Churches, “The Mother We Share”

I think the first time I heard “The Mother We Share” it was on Broadband Noise, a really good show on WUMD, UMass Dartmouth’s radio station, one that comes in sometimes but not always in Providence. I catch it most weeks, though usually by accident while flipping stations in the car.

Anyway, I really love the second single by Glaswegian pop band Churches—or is it Chvrches?—though reading blogs it seems almost as if the group exist solely for people on the internet to compare them unfavorably to Purity Ring. The video blows, though, and I advise listening without watching if you don’t know the song already.

11. The Orwells, “Mallrats (La La La)”
Made by a pack of teenaged boys—I think they’re all done with high school now, but they weren’t when this was recorded—”Mallrats (La La La)” is as charming as it is dumb, being as it is about girl-hunting at the mall. I hated and feared malls myself as a teenager, but now that I’m in my thirties I have a lot more sympathy for the gaggles of tenth-graders hanging out there. Especially since the kids seem to be more frequently policed now than they were when I was younger.

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