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Happy St. Joseph’s Day!
March 19, 2012, 12:16 pm
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It is 72 and sunny and I am about to walk over to Federal Hill to stuff my face with zeppoli (or zeppoles, as people in my family would say.) With no disrespect to Purim, St. Joseph’s Day is my favorite dessert-based holiday. I’ve long believed that Italian-Americans should leave Mr. Columbus alone and adopt this day as their ethnic pride celebration, especially because March could use a major ethnic holiday that doesn’t totally suck (ahem) so I will be celebrating by listening to some of my favorite Italian pop songs, like Gigliola Cinquetti’s “Non ho l’eta,” a 1964 Eurovision winner and also the song that I think Angelo Badalamenti based his entire career around.

After the jump, two more favorites that you’ll probably recognize but which you might not know were recorded in Italian first:

No, I don’t know what’s happening here, either.

Dusty’s English version is better, of course, but Pino Donaggio’s “Io che non vivo” was the first to use the dramatic melody that would later become “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.”

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