Mixtapes for Hookers

Today Is A Special Day, Sort Of
May 23, 2011, 9:37 am
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And by special I mean tedious.

Lady Gaga’s new album came out today, and Amazon is selling it for $0.99, and I am downloading it!  This is remarkable, because I’ve never actually bought an entire mp3 album before.  Ever.  Because I live in the past, mostly, and because I’ve never really felt the need to, but also because I’ve switched computers enough times over the years that I know how easily things get lost.

I’ve had some troubles, though, as you can see above.  At first I (somehow) downloaded the single instead of the whole album, and now that I’m downloading the whole album (via Amazon’s downloader thing, which it forces you to install) there’s been a number of errors.  Plus I’ve been doing this for like half an hour now and I only have five songs downloaded.  Probably I could have walked to the mall and bought the thing and listened to half of it already, plus had a physical copy of the kind-of-awful-kind-of-fabulous cover art.

In the meantime, I’m trying to install 100Mb of updates to Word, to open a .docx file that I swear was not a .docx file the last time I saw it.  But that process is also being very slow, so I’m just sort of killing time here while I wait for that part of my life to be over.

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