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Busy Busy Busy…
May 21, 2011, 2:38 pm
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I’m back home now after a fabulous (and fabulously relaxing) trip to New Orleans (about which more soon!), but of course now I feel as if I’m flailing around like a lunatic trying to get things done, and also to promote ten thousand events that have possibly-but-probably-not overlapping audiences:

This Thursday I’m DJ-ing another Eurocentric dance party in Providence, at which you will surely hear Ukrainian singer Jamala, whose song (and video) “It’s Me, Jamala” have made many a night less tedious in these parts lately.

On June 9 I’m hosting an evening of sexy (or possibly very unsexy) readings, which I will officially announce as soon as one last reader sends me their photo and bio.

I’m also doing two other events that I won’t mention here, as well as speaking on a panel next month that I feel completely unprepared for.

And, of course, I’m also plugging away at Headmaster no. 2. Doing all of our own ad sales, promotion and distribution has proven a little challenging, although we’re really excited about the content that’s coming in for the next issue. We’ve also sold quite a few of the first issue… And if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you know how to.  There’s also a new monthly mailing list which you can sign up for at the website, should you care for that sort of thing…

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