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Birthday Week Hits – 1995
May 11, 2011, 6:59 pm
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For most of the nineties, I kept a weekly list of my favorite songs, many of which are still preserved in notebooks I occasionally leaf through, finding them alternately hilarious, enlightening, or completely embarrassing.  Since it’s nearly my birthday and all (ahem) I thought I’d take a look back at my favorite songs from exactly half my lifetime ago.

But, uh, I misplaced that particular notebook.  So instead I’m going to look at the year before and the year after, to see how I went from an overly sensitive eighth-grader still discovering the alternative end of the dial to an overly sensitive tenth-grader, far better skilled at sorting through all the gen-x crap and actually find decent stuff to listen to.

On both lists, you’ll find traces of the Lilith Fair era, some dodgy modern rock, and, oddly, obscure-ish Sheryl Crow covers that in retrospect I doubt were actually singles.

First, the 1995 list:

[Click to embiggen.]

The numbers after the artist names are the song’s total scores on the countdown.  I did year-end charts, giving songs 1 point each for a week at #25, 2 point for a week at #24, and so on, up to 25 points for a week at #1.  The circles, from what I can tell, signify that I actually owned the CD, I think.  Stars are for debuts.  It amazed me that my fourteenth birthday week was the week that I discovered both “Down By The Water” and “Connection,” because those are two of my very favorite singles ever.  If you notice, there’s a circle next to “Connection.”  That’s because I went out and bought the album the very first time I saw the video on MTV.  (I’m not entirely sure why it was only my fourth-highest debut of the week, though, especially behind “Julia Says,” which, blegggh.

The inclusion of Mary Chapin Carpenter signals the end of my country phase, and the inclusion of Des’ree’s follow-up to “You Gotta Be” is a sign that I still took my taste cues from my yuppie cousins.  Also on the countdown: a Bruce Springsteen song whose title is completely unfamiliar to me, a Human League song I don’t recall ever hearing [in 1995, mind you] and my very favorite REM ballad.  And, of course, Annie Lennox.

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