Mixtapes for Hookers

A Look Back At My Birth Month

In May 1981 an exciting sound was coming out of Scotland.  Altered Images had recently released debut single “Dead Pop Stars” on Postcard Records, and labelmates Orange Juice were preparing to put out a few singles as well.  And there was NME with the cover story.

I’m going to be thirty in… two weeks, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at some magazine covers from the month of my birth.  Here are thirteen of my favorites, starting with teenaged Bow Wow Wow singer Anabella Lwin on the cover of The Face:

I think the Cosmo cover may be my favorite of all.  While ridiculously text-heavy (and generally ridiculous) as ever, this one deserves special mention for the use of five separate parenthetical remarks, including the very oddly worded “celebrated hunks (of man)”.  Of course, Susan Sarandon, the De Lorean, and Turkish boobies are all notable in their own right.

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I was walking the dog yesterday, listening to the iPod, and “Don’t Talk to Me About Love” came on. It was such a treat. I was in college when that song came out.

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