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Every Single Song On Boys For Pele Covered By People In Their Bedrooms
January 23, 2011, 11:42 am
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On this day fifteen years ago, Tori Amos released Boys For Pele, a harpsichord-driven ride through a world where everything is severely off-kilter and people express emotion by saying things like “tuna rubber, a little blubber in my igloo.”  It’s a love/hate sort of album.  As a fourteen-year old homo I thought it was just the most amazing thing, though now I can listen to it and fully understand why everyone around me thought it was shrieky and dumb.  (Currently my love of the album is hovering on the nostalgic/campy divide, although “Putting The Damage On” can still make me sit in my bedroom sulking the same way it did when I was a ninth-grader.)

Anyway, I am celebrating this Important Day In History by posting Youtube videos of every song on the album, as performed by members of Tori’s rather rabid and frequently very dramatic fanbase:

1. “Beauty Queen, Horses”

2. “Blood Roses”

3. “Father Lucifer”

4. “Professional Widow”

5. “Mr. Zebra”

6. “Marianne”

7. “Caught A Lite Sneeze”

8. “Muhammed My Friend”

9. “Hey Jupiter”

10. “Way Down”

11. “Little Amsterdam”

12. “Talula”

13. “Not The Red Baron”

14. “Agent Orange”

15. “Doughnut Song”

16. “In The Springtime Of His Voodoo”

17. “Putting The Damage On”

18. “Twinkle”

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