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Mixtape Monday
January 3, 2011, 1:16 pm
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So it’s been, uh, some time since I last posted a mix for you guys.  Like, six months, almost.  What a jerk I am!

Anyway, since the last time I posted a mix, file sharing service drop.io was bought out by Facebook and they ceased to exist on their own. So I went back to Fileden, which I suppose is fine enough, because there are a ton of ads but they’re pretty much all on my end and you don’t have to deal with them. Let me know if you’ve got any problems downloading, though, or if you have any better suggestions for ways I should be sharing.

By the way, I’m also now posting all the songs in one big zip file, just for the sake of saving a little bit of time. If you think that’s a bad idea and prefer that the songs be downloadable individually, let me know that, too.

A word or two about this mix:

It’s kind of slow! I’m not toally sure why–maybe just because I’m in my ultra-reflective New Year’s phase–but this is a very low-energy mix comprised, for the most part, of stuff I liked when I was nineteen. I DJed my boyfriend’s New Year’s Eve party, and at the last minute I whipped out this dusty old 256-CD wallet that is full of unmarked party mixes from eight years ago, mixes I made for boys I had crushes on, and compilations of rarities from when I installed my first CD drive back in 2001. So most of these songs are pretty old. I mean, that Koobas song dates back to 1967, and the Francoise Hardy and Sandie Shaw songs aren’t much more recent. But I mean I don’t think any of them entered my personal collection later than, oh, 2004, maybe.

And, as always, if you like the songs, you should go buy them.  Preferably in a physical format from real people that work in an actual store.  If you can.


UPDATE: Fileden seems to be down now.  Ha!  Ummm… Here’s the .zip file on Rapidshare, at least until Fileden fixes itself.

1. Solex, One Louder Solex
2. Future Bible Heroes, From Some Dying Star
3. Tracey Ullman, You Broke My Heart In Seventeen Places
4. The Pastels, Nothing To Be Done
5. Ukrainians, Meat Is Murder
6. Sandie Shaw, Those Were The Days
7. Aimee Mann, Jimmy Hoffa Jokes
8. Beck & Emmylou Harris, Sin City
9. Koobas, The First Cut Is The Deepest

10. Pulp, Le Roi de fourmis
11. Madness, Grey Day
12. The Cardigans, Please Sister
13. Francoise Hardy, Si Mi Caballero
14. Cheralee Dillon, Rosarita
15. Throwing Muses, Dio (feat. Bob Mould)
16. Oh Susanna, Sleepy Little Sailor
17. Low, I Started A Joke

[image: Brad by John Palatinus, via v-m-p]

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love the look of this mix. but can’t download it..

love your other blog too…

Comment by dustin

do you know how i can still get this mix.?

Comment by dustin

It’s expired now… There’s a new one coming very soon, though!

Comment by mixtapesforhookers

ok. how long do they stay available?

Comment by dustin

Usually a week. I’m a little overdue for a new one, though…

Comment by mixtapesforhookers

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