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My Ten Purchases From The New York Art Book Fair
November 7, 2010, 11:03 am
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Just got back from New York last night.  During my two half-days at the book fair I went on something of a mini shopping spree.  Luckily I didn’t pay more than $8 for anything (I don’t think) but also in eight hours at PS1 I feel like I only managed to see many half of the show.

Anyway, in no particular order, I got:

1. Girls Like Us, Vol. 2 Issue 1
A Dutch magazine for the ladies, Girls Like Us is a really well laid-out magazine with a striking purple and white motif.

2. Lance Blongren, Walkups (Conundrum Press, Montreal)
A really lovely-looking novella.  Says the back cover: “Composed as a series of documentaries depicting actual Montreal apartments, this book offers an intimate architectural tour of the city that is in turns humorous, erotic, and deeply unsettling.”

3 & 4. The last two issues of Handbook
Because Handbook is the hottest, duh.

5. Alex Lukas, Underneath Providence: Findings Thus Far (Cantab Press)
A book about the East Side Railway Tunnel–the one that was shut down after a bunch of RISD students threw a Beltaine party in it sixteen years ago–it seemed wrong not to buy it.

6. Yan Yan, Chinoiserie (Medium Rare)
On the first page of this strange little chapbook, a family sacrifices everything so that their daughter can meet fulfill her dream of meeting a Hong Kong pop star of the 1980’s.

7. ‘SUP Magazine 23
A really lovely-looking London-based music magazine that somehow I’d never heard of before, the latest issue features pieces on Ben Frost, Etienne Jaumet, Penguin Prison and Bridezilla, among others.

8. The Life and Times of Butch Dykes, Issue 2 Vol. 1 (B&D Press)
This little comic about Gertrude Stein is actually a present for a friend.  But in that way where sometimes you buy friends presents because actually you want them yourself.

9. TR Ericsson, Adderall
An 8.5×11 book of iPhone Hipstamatic photos.  It was one of those odd impulse buys.  Ericsson’s got a new book, Etant donnes, which might be maybe be interesting to you if you like looking at naked ladies.

10. Torso Magazine, March 1984 (Goteblud)
The Canadian issue of an 80’s gay porn magazine; I could have spent all of my savings at the Goteblud booth (which also included some 600 riot grrrrl zines and a photocopier) but I settled for this one, mainly because the cover is so good.

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