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Fifteen Other Things I Considered Buying At The Art Book Fair
November 7, 2010, 7:35 pm
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My notes from the show are pretty messy, spread as they are throughout the book fair catalog and on the many, many business cards I ended up taking from people over the course of my time at the show.  Here’s fifteen books from the show that I liked but didn’t buy:

Jame Wilson, Praia (Jane and Jeremy)
A British couple who make handmade books of Polaroids (their own as well as those of other photographers), they were sadly buried at the back of the fair and this was, I think, the last thing I saw before I realized how late I was for the 6pm party we were going to in Manhattan.

Eric Elms, Famous People With Monkeys (AndPress)
Zine-ish photo book with a pretty self-explanatory title.

Kasper Ströman and Tomas de Rita, Around The World With King Nosmo (Napa Press)
Photographs taken around the world by a pair of Finns; they’re nice, but the monkey on the cover is the best part.  I’m drawn to covers with animals, clearly.

Gijs Assmann, Pathologist (Idea Books)
Speaking of which, the German shepherd drew me to this loud and rather creepy book of photographs culled from Assmann’s father’s collection of Nazi literature.

Doniella Davy, Hippie Photos & Surfer Man (Kingsboro Press)
Funny photo book, also with a fairly self-explanatory title.  I like those, too, it turns out.

Chris Newmeyer and Denise Schatz, Books and Records (Miniature Garden)
Here’s another one.

Kate Wolf, Signs of LA (Darin Klein)
And one more; the internet doesn’t seem to have much info on this one, so hopefully I didn’t get any of the names wrong.

Yoko Inoue, An Ice Lolly Stick (self-published)
Photography book brought along by the sponsors of the Tokyo Art Book Fair; again just what it sounds like.

Anne Collier, Woman With A Camera (35mm) (Hassla)
No animals on this cover!  Stills taken from The Eyes Of Laura Mars, the film in which Faye Dunaway’s character can see gruesome murders through the lens of her camera.

Justin Hopper, Public Record (Encyclopedia Destructica)
Illustration and writing inspired by nineteenth-century crime reports of Pittsburgh.

Georges Perec, An Attempt At Exhausting A Place In Paris (Wakefield Press)
I’m already familiar with the hilariously vulgar The Young Girl’s Handbook of Good Manners for Use in Educational Establishments, so I’m excited to see what else is going to come out of this sleek, young literary press.

Bill Burns, Two Boiler Suits and a Playlist (YYZBOOKS)
Part of a trilogy, this book of drawings describes musical and clothing conditions for prisoners at Guantanamo.

Marcel Proust, All The Names In ‘In Search Of Lost Time’ (Parasitic Ventures)
All the names, none of the other text.  Two volumes.  I’m not thrilled with the jacket, but the idea is really great.

Kevin Hanley, Correlated Relations (Artspeak)
It’s a record.

Finally, there was also a book in the Canadian pavilion called something like “Photographs Inspired By Hip Hop Lyrics That Used To Inspire Me.” It was really good, although for some reason no one at any of the tables where I saw it was able to tell me where it came from.

[image: Famous People With Monkeys]

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thanks for the recs! made my holiday hunting so much easier!

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