Mixtapes for Hookers

Ridin’ On A Heatwave
September 1, 2010, 1:48 pm
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In keeping with this week’s recurring themes of a) dreamy Alec Empire and b) me melting all over my living room furniture because it’s ninety thousand degrees and I don’t own a fucking air conditioner, here’s Atari Teenage Riot’s “Heatwave.”

Tomorrow I’m heading to Pittsburgh and Friday I’m moving along to the greater Detroit area.  Saturday I will ride in a limousine full of radiologists to see Lady Gaga, and Sunday I will attend a two-year old’s birthday party.  Monday is a day of rest, and by “a day of rest” I mean maybe a free Clint Black show.  Tuesday I will start the ride home, which will probably involve driving through western New York and which will probably involve me singing this song to myself, in my head, because that’s how my head is.  Wednesday will be devoted to catching up.

Basically what I’m getting at is that I probably won’t be posting much over the next week.  If you’re looking for something to do while I’m gone, maybe you could occupy yourself by clicking the “place an order” button on the Coming & Crying website.  Because you can do that now.

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