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Get Your Very Own Custom Sexy Mixtape
July 8, 2010, 10:47 am
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So, you know how I’m going to be in this calendar thing next year? The one with Nina Hartley and all the awesome sex bloggers? Well, it doesn’t come out until October. But if you’re interested in helping out a worthy cause, you might want to give some money and buy yourself an individual day on the calendar.

Here’s what happens: You can sponsor one day on the calendar for $25 or, for $40, get a day and a copy of the calendar. You can also buy five days for $100. For each day you get 80 characters of text that can say things like “Visit my blog at whateverwhateverwhatever.com” or “Visit my online store and enter discount code blahblahblah for 20% off” or “Call me, I’m lonely” or “Oh my God Matthew you look so hot on my wall.” (For instance.)

Funds raised from the calendar go to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a really great organization in Washington whose mission asserts that sexual freedom is a human right.

You have until August 1 to buy days, although you should do it sooner so you can pick out days that you want (ie. your birthday, your company’s anniversary, any days that are located beneath my pretty faccia.)

Oh, and just an extra incentive:

If you buy a day and you email me to let me know, I will send you a link to a secret mixtape of what I think are some of the sexiest songs ever. If you buy five days, I will custom make you your very own one-of-a-kind mix based on your specifications.  Just enter the word ‘MIXTAPE’ when you’re checking out.

For more details check out sexbloggercalendar.com.

[image: Some songs on my iTunes with the word sex in the title, not actually the songs on the mixtape.]

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[…] we have my favorite fuzzy bear, Matthew Lawrence, offering custom mixtapes.  Read the details on Mixtapes for Hookers.  When you purchase days, and want to be qualified for your custom mixtape be sure to put MIXTAPE […]

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