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I Am A Big Stressbag Right Now
June 18, 2010, 10:20 pm
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The little things are driving me crazy.

Last June was nuts. I had planned a group show in my apartment gallery for the same weekend as Pride. But this photo instillation I had proposed for September got bumped up three months and I had to install it the day before the opening. And this other event I had planned for early June got bumped back to two days after Pride. I kind of lost it by the end, and decided to take the rest of the summer off. That was a terrible idea, though at the time it had seemed completely necessary.

Now it’s happened again, somehow. The Kickstarter pledge drive ended on Tuesday, which meant that all day Monday and Tuesday I was haranguing people on the internet trying to get last-minute pledges. Then we had our backer party last night [see photo above], which was fun though initially very frustrating. I got stuck in an endless work meeting yesterday afternoon, poured coffee all over the white linen pants I had planned on wearing, and then the car died when I went to pick up food.

But I’ve got another event coming up on Monday, one that’s really time-consuming to plan. And my idea was to lock myself in this weekend to work on it. But then at about 7:15pm tonight my horrid though well-paying temp job told me that I am expected to work 8 hour days every day between now and next Friday.

And little things keep driving me nuts. My electricity and my internet both got shut off this week because I keep forgetting to pay the bills. (They’re both back on, thankfully, but somehow my wireless router got fucked up and now I need to work with my computer plugged into the wall because I haven’t had a damn minute to call the Apple store and figure it out.) My apartment is a pigsty and I haven’t had the time to buy groceries since my two-day power outage. And so on.

Part of me had seriously considered going to New York this weekend, too, because there’s a trio of parties going on. Tonight (as in right now) there’s Que(e)ry, a “dance party for queer librarians and their lovers,” which is basically all of my dreams come true at once. Tomorrow’s the release party for the new issue of Pinups, and Sunday’s the release party for the new issue of Straight To Hell.

But no. I’ll be here, a miserable middle management temp, freaking out about deadlines and not having milk for my coffee and not having anything to wear to this thing I’m hosting on Monday and sulking in my blog.

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