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I’m A Model, You Know What I Mean

Back in February, the makers of the NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar announced that they were going national, and that sex bloggers from across the country could appear in the 2011 issue.  Last month I did a shoot with a very talented photographer friend of mine and lo, I’m going to be in the calendar now!

Proceeds from the calendar benefit the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, a Washington-based group that works to protect freedom of speech and freedom of sexual expression.  Carol Queen is on the board, and so is Ricci Levy.  Oh, and so is Nina Hartley.

SPEAKING OF WHOM:  Ms. Hartley’s also going to be in the calendar.  Which is exciting!  Because even though I’m a gay man who has little to no interest no interest whatsoever in female genitalia, I’ve been a huge Nina Hartley fan since I was a thirteen-year old, snooping through my dad’s VHS collection.  Also she is legendary.  And now I can casually say (only 99.9% misleadingly) things like “Oh, this thing that Nina Hartley and I worked on.”

I’m also glad to see some names in the calendar that I’m not actually familiar with.  The full list of models is after the jump:

Bad Bad Girl
Brandon B
Coy Pink
Dangerous Lilly
Essin’ Em
Gloria Brame
Jiz Lee
Lillith Grey
Matthew Lawrence
Max Lagos
Mollena Williams
Nina Hartley
Radical Vixen
Sexy Sadie
Sovereign Syre

Just be prepared for six months from now, when the calendar goes on sale and I start barraging you with tacky jokes about how well hung I would look on your wall.

[image: photo from the men’s room of the release party of the 2010 calendar.]

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Congrats. Looking forward to getting to meet you in NYC :)

Comment by Essin' Em

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