Mixtapes for Hookers

Sweet Dream…Or A Beautiful Nightmare?!?!?!?!
May 26, 2010, 11:45 pm
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One thing about summer is that it makes sleeping seem so unappealing.  I’m anti-air conditioning, for the most part, and when it gets really humid I tend to sleep a lot less.  Which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.  But it’s a thing.

Anyway, so I decided to check my Tumblr and saw this post from Rohin Guha.  Which in some way reminded me of my crush on Damon Pampolina, late of the revived Mickey Mouse Club and also from early-nineties teen-pop quintet The Party.  And then I started watching their videos, again, as I do every so often.  And then I found this post from Bear Mythology, about that homo’s crush on Pampolina’s groupmate Albert Fields.  And then I learned something really amazing.

I knew that The Party did a lot of unusual covers, as Mickey Mouse Club types often do (ie. the oft-overlooked Britney Spears cover of “The Beat Goes On.”)  I knew that, for all their squeak and cleanliness, The Party (or their wranglers) gravitated towards college rock staples like Elvis Costello’s “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding” and The Waitresses’ “I Know What Boys Like.”  But I had no idea that “In My Dreams,” which was sort of I guess the closest they came to a hit, was actually cover of  a Dokken song from the soundtrack to Nightmare On Elm Street 3.  Crazy, right?

Compare and contrast after the jump:

I have to say I’m more partial to The Party’s version, because that’s the one I’ve known for two thirds of my life, but the Dokken song’s really catchy in that way that a lot of hit metal singles of the eighties are catchy.  (A way that, really, I didn’t fully appreciate until recently and which now makes me want to start a teenpop group that only covers eighties metal.)

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