Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

The first openly gay country singer?  Maybe Billboard should try fact-checking?

A graphical guide to bear types.

This Levi Johnston porn trailer–which is not exactly new, but I’m not actually that up on current gay porn right now–looks okay enough, but the trailer is really worth watching for the words “I think I’m gonna give you something to Twitter about.”

Porn star Diesel Washington has a problem with porn being advertised as “interracial.”  I’d like to know more about that.

The Edgar Awards were recently given out this week.

Larry King’s kids’ baseball coach–the one his wife was sleeping with–wants to be in Playgirl.  This is not news, but I thought I’d mention it because he’s actually maybe kinda photogenic?

The Boston LGBT Film Festival‘s going on right now.

[painting by Alessio, via Cool Bear]

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