Mixtapes for Hookers

I Heard This In Denny’s Last Night/This Morning

Nina Gordon’s debut solo album was released to terrible reviews back in 2000.  I never heard the whole album, so I can’t say whether it totally made sense to relaunch the Veruca Salt co-founder’s career with a single that sounds equally inspired by Sarah McLachlan and S Club 7.  But I like the song, in a Season Finale On The CW (Then The WB) way, the kind that gets played over a montage where something dramatic and life-changing happens to every single character at once over the course of three minutes.  (Somebody gets on a plane, someone meets an estranged parent, two people kiss, maybe someone’s roommate/ex walks in on it, someone does something nice for a child…)  It’s hokey but it’s an appealing kind of hokey.

This is also a song I’m reminded of a lot, I think, in the sense that a lot of other songs sound like it or share melodic bits with it.  I hadn’t actually heard it in quite a while, though, until it came on when I was at Denny’s last night.

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