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Sunday News: Trash Edition

The Mirror on the first serial sex killer, which was apparently only half a century ago.

Is this month’s Playboy more feminist than usual?  No, of course not, but one HuffPo writer points out the difference between women getting paid to be in the magazine and women not getting paid for having their pictures unwillingly passed all over the internet.

A so-called “fat girl” was hired to sleep with soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and then talk about it.  And she did.  The Frisky points out that she’s not actually fat and also that this is a weird thing.

This is apparently my week for getting news from editorial warehouses that I never read.  Here’s someone at Gather making fun of Roger Ebert for not liking Kick-Ass.

In another one of those “people pretending that an offer to do soft porn is a news story” items, Daniel Nardicio has offered Jon Gosselin $20K to do Playgirl, which is a lot less than he offered Levi Johnston.  Nardicio said in a statement that Gosselin’s not very attractive and probably won’t do it, so of course people are pretending it’s a story.

Speaking of Jon Gosselin (for probably the only time ever on this blog), Hailey Whateverthehell posted a photo of a 2-inch penis on Twitter the other day, claiming it was his, because she is a classy person and that is what classy people do.  I would like to point out that, no matter how small Gosselin’s penis is, he still managed to father eight children.

[image: Terry Fincher, Rillington Place, 1966, via Britmovie.co.uk]

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Heya Matthew…fun post/great old Brit-pic, but doesn’t Jack the Ripper count as the first [well-documented] serial sex-killer…or that guy who features in “Devil in the White City?” Christie certainly figures big in the British psyche, always a big hit in Madame Tussaud’s “Chamber of Horrors.” And, of course, the pathology is likely as old as humankind…

Comment by Fred

I actually meant to include an ‘allegedly’ in there, because that’s what the Mirror called him. (I’m pretty sure serial sex killers have existed for centuries, even if that’s not what they were always called.) I hadn’t actually heard of this guy before, or the 10 Rillington Place movie, even though I thought I knew most of the major British films of that era…

Comment by mixtapesforhookers

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