Mixtapes for Hookers

The Feministe Reply
April 7, 2010, 11:26 am
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Yeah, this Sady Doyle person is officially ridiculous and terrible.  It’s really, really sad when people use feminism as front for ignorance and bad manners and general idiocy.  Here’s her latest comment:

@matthew: Okay, Matthew. It’s clear that it’s sooooo harrrrrrrrrrrd for you when ladies disagree with your bullshit (but how could we POSSIBLY have a problem with music critics re-phrasing press kits instead of coming up with original and descriptive phrases? Writering is HARD, everybody, and if writers are expected to be ORIGINAL on top of everything else… anarchy! Sheer anarchy).

It’s clear that it’s hard on you to the extent that you have written an entire blog post, on your blog, about not liking it when the editors and comment moderators of a site do, you know, COMMENT MODERATION and presume positions of greater authority than yourself. It’s clear, basically, that you expect the ladies to receive your Very Important Musical Opinions about whether women’s music is worth anything, and to receive them with enthusiasm, and not to challenge you or do anything other than giggle and say, “oh, matthew, you are sooooo right.”

So, I have a solution. I banned you! Now you don’t ever have to comment on Feministe, and suffer the resultant trauma, ever again.

So, yes.  The moral of this story is that I don’t like when ladies disagree with me, that I prefer writers who regurgitate press kits, and that I don’t think that women’s music is worth anything.

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