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Citizens Against Trafficking Deterred By Evil-Looking Asians, Or Something

Citizens Against Trafficking has been busy this month. Three new newsletters, a protest, and also the subject of an editorial in the Providence Journal. As much as I am tempted to go over each of these things in great detail–and really, I am so so tempted–I will try to be brief and stick to the main points, but all of their writings are so laughably surreal that it’s difficult not to. But:

On March 14, Melanie Shapiro wrote a CAT missive about spas operating on Federal Hill. The main thrust of her article is to tell readers one more time that she has actually walked into one of these spas on two osscations. Apparently, Shapiro is equipped with X-ray vision that allows her to see through the brick wall of a Dunkin Donuts and around the corner to the door of One Spa, because between the time of getting out of her car and returning to it she saw three men enter it. Here is the story of her first visit:

The door to the spa was propped open and the madam was waiting at the top of the stairs for me with a phone in her hand… I am not frightened easily, but I remember the first moment I was face to face with the madam, I felt my stomach drop and was taken aback by her aggressive posture and the cold look in her eyes. She is an Asian woman probably in her forties with long straight black hair pulled back into a low ponytail. She demanded to know what I was doing there. I pretended that I was looking for the local newspaper. She escorted me through the hallway away from the brothel and down the stairs. She waited at the top of the stairs until she saw me exit the building.

So, to recap: She entered the place and an Asian woman [!!] was waiting for her. This Asian woman asked her why she was there [!!!] Ms. Shapiro lied, and then left. That is the entirety of this story.

Her second visit involved an actual reporter and somehow managed to be even more of a non-event:

I took a reporter from The Boston Globe to this spa-brothel. When we got to the brothel, a woman who said she was a “receptionist” had us wait in the front room of the brothel while she went to get someone. The madam I had met before appeared. Even though I was with another person, when I saw her cold, hard look again, it made my legs shake. She promptly escorted us out of the brothel.

I mean, that might make the wording of some previous bulletins sound a little bit questionable.  But wait! There’s more!

Another time, when I stopped for coffee, I saw the same woman pacing up and down the side street with a large brown paper package in her arms. She looked like she was waiting for someone.


This entire newsletter is sort of comical, if you can get over the Asian-as-synonymous-with-nefarious implications and the fact that it was written by someone who may eventually be practicing law. But unpacking the other two newsletters is a little more involved, so I’ll be posting about those separately.

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A large! BROWN! PAPER!!!!! PACKAGE!!!!!1!!1!!!!

*faints in shock*

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