Mixtapes for Hookers

Mixtape Monday
March 15, 2010, 5:23 pm
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Remember when I actually used to post mixtapes on this site? It was so long ago, right?

Anyway, here’s a mix I made, inspired by the three consecutive days of bone-chilling drizzle that New England’s been experiencing. [Joke about how there’s no daylight savings when there’s not actually any daylight, ha ha.]  It starts off quite slowly but then I threw on some old-fashioned indie rock at the end to liven things up (but not too much.)

I’m trying out drop.io, because Fileden was getting to be a major pain in the kiester. I’m also just posting everything as one file, as posting individual songs in addition to .zip files was kind of time-consuming and, from what I could tell, nobody actually downloaded much that way, anyway.

Feedback, as always, is appreciated, especially if you have any trouble downloading.  Also, if you like the songs I suggest you go out and try to buy them somewhere. Like in a record store, if those still exist where you are.


1. April March, Chrominance Decoder
2. Ernest Gonzales, Self Awakening
3. You Say Party! We Say Die!, She’s Spoken For
4. Emika, Drop The Other
5. Brazos, Avignon
6. Esther Ofarim, Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye
7. Bullion, Say Goodbye To What
8. Everything But The Girl, I Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love (Demo)
9. Stuart Saunders Smith, Links No. 3

10. Lissy Trullie, Ready For The Floor
11. The Mo-Dettes, White Mice
12. Ceremony, Someday
13. Moodring, #9
14. Eight Legs, These Grey Days
15. pApAs Fritas, Afterall
16. BB Brunes, Sixty Eight
17. Sonny and the Sunsets, Chapters
18. Nadia Ratsimandresy, Feuillets inédits: Quatre pièces restituées et éditées par Yvonne Loriod: Lent – Modéré

[image: Ridiculously hunky Italian boxer Nino Benvenuti; expect more hunky Italians over the course of the week as we get nearer to the delicious pastry fest that is St. Joseph’s Day.]

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