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Doug Giles Uses Barney Fife, Lucifer Metaphors To Defend His Daughter From Chastity Promoter

So, a full six months after James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles put on tacky sex worker drag and paraded around in front of (but not inside) ACORN offices up and down the eastern seaboard, I’ve become kind of fascinated with them.  I can’t get enough of reading about O’Keefe’s subsequent arrest for entering federal property under false pretenses, or with Giles sending out fundraising letters for her own legal defense fund, and with both of them contradicting themselves and each other about their motives and methods.  The pair made really dumb decisions and and now they don’t know what to do with themselves.  I think the Coen brothers should seriously consider making a movie about them.

Especially now that I’ve started reading about Giles’ dad.

A youth-oriented minister, artist and founder of a conservative talk radio network, Doug Giles recently took to the internet to defend his daughter and her habit of dressing up in skimpy outfits and kinda-sorta pretending she wanted to start a Salvadorean prostitution ring.  That’s fine, because she’s his daughter and dads can be forgiven for defending dumb stuff their kids do.  But maybe he shouldn’t have OD’d on Religious Crazy Pills first?

Written as a direct response an article written last month by chastity enthusiast/theology student Dawn Eden, who was critical of the pair’s subversive tactics and particularly by Giles’ outfits, the elder Giles starts off by calling the journalist Church Lady-ish.  And then he gets into crazy Bible metaphors!

[M]ost of the time when journalists, Christian or not, want to get the 411 on a reprehensible group, they usually have to fly under the radar, you know, by being misleading, going stealth, acting like serpents, slithering in and getting the apple in front of the culprit and seeing if they’ll take the bait.

The forty-something Giles, whose Church bio touts that he “is still in touch with his inner teenager,” talks about Barney Fife and The Bourne Identity and says that Jesus “wouldn’t give a flip about these three heroes’ mad methods but would instead applaud their efforts” because the Bible didn’t mind the lies of Rahab, Gideon, Abraham or David.  He explains that Jesus would be “cool” with deceit, and says his kid’s going to get “mad applause” when she gets to heaven.

In his diatribe, he calls Eden “sweetie pie” and then calls her smug in the same sentence.  He also calls her frail and then talks about his daughter’s cajones.  (Incidentally, id you know that he has “written ten books about Christianity, masculinity, and cultural insanity?”)

While I disagree with some of what Eden says in her article–twenty-year old women should not be criticized in print for wearing short skirts on hot summer days, or ever–she’s also not wrong to point out the hypocrisy of certain parties thinking that heavily edited shock videos are the future of journalism.

But seriously, how good would a Coen brothers movie about these people be?

[image: Giles vacationing with Hannah’s sister, via The Other McCain; I’ve stretched it way beyond the limits of stretching, but you get the idea.  That same site, incidentally, is charging for photos of Hannah in a bikini that they ripped off somebody’s Facebook.  Classy!]

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