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The Game Of The Name
February 21, 2010, 8:02 pm
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I own a cat now.

I have inherited my grandmother’s six-or-seven year old (we think) cat.  I took her home yesterday, whereupon she immediately found some blankets to hide out in.  When I got home from my radio show today she had done some exploring; she made it into the deepest recesses of my bedroom closet.

I’m sure she’s just getting used to the fact that she no longer lives in a dark, dark, hot, hot house inhabited by elderly people.

For this new stage of her life I think it’s only appropriate that she get a new name.  The trouble is that all the things I would normally want to name a girl cat–Meatballs, Bambi, Corin Tucker–seem inappropriate for a quiet and gracefully aging lady that spent most of her life living with my grandmother.  I was thinking of maybe calling her Nancy Sinatra; my boyfriend says that might be too gay, though.  The only other idea I had was Miss Trudy.

Feel free to offer suggestions if you have any.  She’s six or seven, grayish, and rather reserved.  I haven’t been able to get a photo yet.

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I really like Miss Trudy.

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