Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

Nearly one third of juveniles taken in by police for prostitution are treated as criminals and not as victims.

Does feminism need a rallying cry?

Michael Winterbottom’s new film The Killer Inside Me apparently features a lot of violence against women, so much so that people apparently walked out during the Berlin Film Festival.  But the director points out that violence ought to be ugly, and that the gross thing to do would be to present it as entertainment.  Winterbottom’s made wonderful adaptations of Thomas Hardy (Jude) and Sterne (Tristram Shandy).  His heroes are usually kind of assholes (see also: 24 Hour Party People), and he’s made some movies about some very violent situations (The Road To Guantanamo, A Mighty Heart) so I’m not very surprised this is happening.

Gael Garcia Bernal has a thing for a Thai prostitute in Lukas Moodysson’s new film Mammoth.

Speaking of films, This Recording has an essay by Liz Colville about Blue Crush, the Kate Bosworth surfing movie that I hold very near and dear to my heart.

This week I discovered and immediately fell in love with Seattle photographer Steven Miller’s cumshot photography.  While a few of his more romantic photographs come across as kinda hokey, “There Are No Accidents,” from his Reclamations series, is really a thing of beauty.

I don’t know how exactly this Maria Bamford video ended up in one of my 76 currently open Firefox tabs, but I thought it was kinda funny…

The Pet Shop Boys recommended this book on their Twitter the other day, so I thought I’d add it to my Goodreads list.

Kathleen Hanna and her giant glasses gave a TV interview this week that got quite a bit of circulation on the internet.  I like Kathleen Hanna infinitely more when I hear her speaking and not when I’m reading her essays.  She comes across as smart and interesting, and wisely doesn’t say much when the presenter just keeps asking for her opinions on celebrities.

Someone is suing Google over the giant privacy flaws that came along with their rapidly announced Buzz product.

Speaking of Google, one of those “make money online” blogs had a post this week entitled “Google is finally doing something about music piracy.”  It sort of got me thinking (again) about the ethics of file sharing, but the tone of this article seems a little off.  “It’s one thing that a teenager is uploading their whole music collection for everyone to download from,” the blogger says, “it’s another thing for the site itself to let it sit there for months on end then shut it off after millions have downloaded what they wanted from it.”  Millions?  Really?  Leakblogs that post entire albums months before their scheduled release date is one thing, but people that use their Livejournal to post tracks nobody would ever hear otherwise are probably not getting hits in the seven digit range.

That legislator lady from New Hampshire apologized for talking about men’s penises wriggling around in excrement.

Finally, are the Olympics newsworthy, or are they just entertainment?  That’s a question being brought up with regard to NBC’s coverage of the Vancouver games; since they’re holding all the exciting coverage for prime time, some fans are actually writing angry letters to newspapers publishing real-time results.

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