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I Am Preemptively Declaring Google Buzz A Sack Of Shit
February 10, 2010, 11:56 am
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I am preemptively declaring Google Buzz a sack of shit.

Not to sound like a crotchety old man that wants you off his lawn, but this sounds like my worst nightmare.  I can’t even tell you how tired I am of the internet trying to convince me that I am interacting with people by hitting a Share button, and I am just as tired of running everything I like through a decency filter.  (I’ve given up doing this with Twitter: I’m just as likely to talk about strippers as I am to talk about my day.  And I’m now posting potentially incriminating links on my Facebook page, even though I am “friends” with both potential employers and impressionable teenaged second cousins.)

Plus, this just seems like Google trying to act like the cool club.  Like, “here’s a way to share stuff you like, but in order to see it you need to get a Gmail account.”  And then everyone will inevitably switch to GMail, because people aren’t going to want multiple e-mail accounts, but they also aren’t going to want to miss out on, like, whoever’s baby photos they’re posting.  I’m not saying Google’s not smart–we’ve reached a point where even old, non-savvy internet users (ie. my entire extended family) is okay navigating social media.  But I think I’m going to check out on this one; I’ve already de-followed all 56 of the people whose feeds I was automatically subscribed to.  (Including, among others, my former best friend who I haven’t e-mailed once since he moved out over a year ago.)

I would also like to reiterate that I think most Google products suck, at least as far as my internet use goes.  Do I want threaded e-mails?  No. Do I want people sharing things in my RSS feed?  No.  Does Blogger suck in pretty much every way that it’s possible for a blog platform to suck?  Of course it does.  Do I like that badly-written parody sites are considered News?  No. Have Google Documents been the bane of my existence for years now?  You bet!  Does Google Books seem creepy and wrong?  Of course it does.  And while I use Youtube a whole lot, do I think it’s kinda shitty and ugly?  Yep.  And does Picasa interest me?  Not even a little.

(In Google’s defense–not that they need defending–Google Analytics works really well for gauging website traffic.  So that’s something.)

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