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New Myths About Abstinence-Only Education And Why Baby Jesus Is Banned From Prisons
February 4, 2010, 2:01 pm
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I spent much of yesterday bemoaning the stupid nitwit who wrote the crappy New York Post piece about the gigolo man. So I thought I would spend today praising two other writers who actually did a good job this week:

There’s been kind of a silly little media frenzy over the past few days about the results of a government-funded study claiming that abstinence-only education actually works. Parenting writer Lylah M. Alphonse at the Boston Globe has a really good response to all the reasons why this is not true, and why people are distorting the study in all kinds of crazy ways. (ie. Telling sixth-graders to wait “until they are ready” is not the same as telling teens to wait until marriage.)

Also, Eric Dexheimer at the Austin American-Statesman deserves some kind of journalism award for his piece about the many, many, many, many books that have been withheld from prisoners in Texas over the last five years. Nothing riles me up more than book banning, but his extensive research–which turns up all kinds of bureaucratic craziness–is really remarkable.  (The ban on images of naked children extends back into the Renaissance, for instance.  Any naked child–even the Baby Jesus–is forbidden unless he has “clearly visible wings.”  Dexheimer’s article is infuriating, but it’s also definitely worth reading if you haven’t already.

[image: Benvenuto Tisi, Le sommeil d’enfant Jesus, 16th c.]

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