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And So It Begins
January 22, 2010, 4:35 pm
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Here is Swiss singer Michael von der Heide with the French-language Il pleut de l’or, which, though my ability to understand French is basically non-existent now, is probably not about golden showers.  It’s one of two songs that have been finalized for this year’s Eurovision song contest, which this year is rather annoyingly being held on Memorial Day Weekend.

This song is what would happen if a Frenchman wanted to do a Bond theme interpolating the dee-ba-dee line from Amber’s Sexual, and von der Heide looks like if Dennis Kucinich and Tom Hanks’s evil neighbor from The Burbs had a really gay baby that was really into eyebrow tweezing.

Countries select songs and artists in different ways; the only other two that have been decided so far are Bosnia & Herzegovina, in which Fame Academy runner-up Vukašin Brajić will be singing a Bosnian song called “Munja i grom”.  We don’t know what it sounds like yet, but that’s what it’s called and that’s who’s singing it.

The only other one we can see so far is Albania’s Juliana Pasha, whose “Nuk mundem pa ty” is really rather delightful.  I’m a little confused by the presence of the giant string section, since from what I can tell there aren’t actually any strings on the song.  But I won’t complain about that, since I got more than enough strings with Switzerland.

If all the entries are as good as these two, this might be the best Eurovision ever!

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