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Catching Up

Some of the things I would have brought up lately, except that my Firefox seems anxious to crash every ten minutes or so:

The Sexies, awards for mainstream writing about sex, were announced yesterday.  First prize awards went to Time’s piece about vaginal rejuvenation (which, ick) and Boston magazine’s look at all those pregnant girls at Gloucester High School.  They also declined to give any awards to sex-themed publications, feeling the quality was weak overall in 2009. (via Sex In The Public Square)

And, oh, hey, Audacia’s looking for people to read at upcoming Sex Worker Literati events.  If you’re a sex worker (past or present) and in the New York area and want to read I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

The deadline for written submissions for the awesome-sounding Holiday In Cambodia fundraiser passed the other day.  Which is too bad!  But there’s still time to read the interview about it with Anne Elizabeth Moore, who’s in Phnom Penh (or thereabouts) right now making zines with teenaged girls there.

I’ve never read Joan Didion’s The White Album, or Joan Didion’s anything else for that matter, but this essay about the book’s thirtieth anniversary made me add it to my Goodreads list.

The lineup for Coachella was just announced and it’s kind of the world’s biggest Pride Festival this year.  Grace Jones, The Gossip, La Roux, Gary Numan, David Guetta and Florence and the Machine?  Was Erasure busy that weekend?  (Except for David Guetta, who is very annoying, it all sounds pretty cool, though.)

Speaking of gay, AfterElton readers just voted in the Gay People’s Choice Awards, and their results are as predictable as predictable can be.  The three music awards went to Adam Lambert (Best Male), Lady GaGa (Best Female) and the Cast Of Glee (Best Group).  Which I would like to say something about, if I didn’t suddenly feel the urge to start barfing.  Other awards went to Tina Fey (yay) and Chelsea Handler (boo) and Kathy Griffin (mega-boo).

In other awards news, Swedish radio announced theirs last night.  On the upside, Fever Ray, Kent and Mando Diao all walked away with trophies.  On the flipside, so did stupid Erik Hassle, and Best Pop Act went to the whiny Deportees.  Lars Winnerbäck wasn’t a bad Artist Of The Year choice, though.

OK Go’s letter about why EMI won’t let people embed their videos–when the band only got really big because of the viral popularity of their videos–is interesting, more for what it doesn’t say than what it actually does say.  But they’re very diplomatic, at least.

“The emotional-social world she describes is familiar to me only in as much as I’ve seen it on television, and heard it from other people, and recognise it instantly and intimately as a series of conventional images.” —Cecily Nowell-Smith on Taylor Swift, over at The Singles Jukebox.

I went on Providence radio station 92 PRO-FM’s website the other day to find out why the hell they don’t have American Top 40 on Sunday mornings anymore and proceeded to get distracted looking at their Top 92 songs of the year list.  Mainly because I just had to Google their #1 song because I didn’t recognize the artist or the title.  (Although once it was on I was like “Oh yeah, that damn stupid Hailey’s Comet song.”)  I also thought it was odd that Poker Face was only #31.  That doesn’t seem right, does it?  (Oh, I didn’t know what the #1 song on local “alternative” station WBRU’s year-end list was, either.  Am I that out of touch?)

Rufus Wainwright’s note about his mother Kate McGarrigle’s death seems kind of odd, and not just because he acknowledges first hearing about it in the newspaper.  But then I don’t know much about their family relations.  Still, Kate and Anna McGarrigle’s 1996 album Matapedia is really wonderful; Going Back To Harlan and Jacques et Gilles and Bike Song are all super.  I got the CD about a decade ago, though honestly I never actually looked much deeper into their catalog.

Finally, Do Hairy Men Have More Sex Appeal? Can one of you nice ladies go and leave a comment to set this crazy woman straight; OF COURSE we do.

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