Mixtapes for Hookers

Viva Las Vegas. Unless You’re Me, In Which Case Viva Frosty New England.
January 5, 2010, 3:12 pm
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Because my boyfriend, and pretty much half of the people I follow on Twitter, are all heading to Las Vegas for the Adult Entertainment Expo tomorrow, I’ve decided to go on a little Twitter hiatus (Twiatus?) so I don’t need to constantly read about all the fun everybody’s having.

I made it to the show once, three years ago.  Four days in Vegas was a lot to handle, as were four nights of dinners with industry people.  Riding around in Hummer limos going to strip clubs is something worth doing once, but by the end of that weekend I was more than ready to fly back east and lock myself up with a book.

Here’s some photos of the trip, though.  That’s Jenna Jameson up there, shot from a great distance because the throng of dudes surrounding her for autographs was CRAZY.

More after the jump.  Sorry if it takes forever to load; I honestly don’t have the patience to be resizing images right now.

Here I am with Gia Paloma.

It actually snowed when I was there.

The unholy trinity were all performing at Caesar’s Palace.

Me in the hotel room, taking a break to watch Clueless.

This is the lobby of the Venetian, where the show actually takes place.

This lady sure loved her Titan Men. Diesel Washington, Francois Sagat, Damien Crosse and, um, the one on the left whose name I’m totally blanking on right now.

Me and Rafael Alencar. Who is basically shaped like a sideways T, if you’ve ever seen him with his clothes off.

This is the Riviera, the Rat Pack-y casino where we stayed; it’s older and less glamorous than the new ones, although it was plenty tacky enough for my taste…

Here’s the bathroom of a bar called the Double Down. The Double Down is, I think, the only thing about Las Vegas that I’d really strongly advise absolutely everyone to check out. They have Bacon Martinis, and something called Ass Juice, and for twenty bucks they’ll clean up your puke for you should that become necessary. They also had a really awesome jukebox (the Midnight Creeps were in it, if I remember right.)

We were tipped off to it by a really nice stripper, who told my boyfriend and me that we didn’t seem like we belonged at the club where she was working. At first I thought she meant we were really gay, which, who knows, maybe she did. But she was also a very good judge of character.

Here’s me with Belladonna. Notice how close her leg warmers are to my face. I don’t even like girls and it gave me a boner…

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