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A Newfound Interest In Massachusetts
December 12, 2009, 4:51 pm
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This week ended up being kind of a suckstravaganza, but last night two friends cheered me up immensely by taking me to the spooky Bridgewater Triangle for a night on the town.

Taunton, Massachusetts, is about half an hour to the northeast of Providence.  I mainly know it because my parents used to take me to flea markets there, but it’s also a small and kind of interesting city.  There’s a gay bar there called Bobby’s, but because the city is so small it’s also (so I’m told) the only bar.  Actually, it’s the only bar in the whole county, at least after midnight; at that point the place gets overtaken by cute (albeit jailbaity-looking) boys and girls who all look exactly the same.  It’s not quite Jersey Shore-ish, because people don’t put that much effort into their wardrobe or appearance in Taunton, but it’s whatever the more rural, less touristy version of that look would be.

The DJ plays out of the back of a car that’s situated on the dance floor, and there’s a fog machine and a surprisingly good lighting system. And while I wouldn’t say the DJ was good–his mixing skills were totally lacking–he did play a minimum of crap and a whole lot of good stuff, from I Wonder If I Take You Home to Let Me Clear My Throat to Turnin’ Me On.  The Lisa Lisa was part of a fairly lengthy freestyle set*, which totally cheered me up but which sadly ended when all the straight kids rolled in.

Dancing in strange cities is definitely the way to go if you’re in a bad mood.  Especially if the DJ is playing Shannon.  I’m not heartbroken, or even lonely, but nothing settles the nerves like dancing to Let The Music Play.

Providence makes me claustrophobic sometimes; it’s completely impossible to go out dancing here without running into 255 people you know and who you probably don’t really want to see.  And anyway, there’s nowhere to dance here that plays that kind of stuff (despite the abundance of Italians and Cape Verdeans in the area.)  The gay bars here are the worst; there’s (I think) nine of them in downtown Providence, and they all play exactly the same mindless pop-house crap, whether it’s the cruisy leather bar or the one that’s supposed to be classy or the one that’s actually clubby sometimes.  It drives me nuts.

I’m not saying I’d want to live in Taunton, especially if Bobby’s was my only going-out option.   But I am saying I need to start exploring other venues.

[He didn’t actually play the Synthia Figueroa song above (although that would have been amazing.)  But he did play one song I don’t actually know, and I’ve been trying to track it down all day.  I walked up to ask him what it was, but he just glared at me when I approached him and then wouldn’t look at me again.  But it’s by a girl singer, and she says the word “hopelessly” a lot in the chorus.  There’s also guy backup singers, who do that “oh way oh, oh-way-oh-way-oh” thing.  Sound familiar?]

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