Mixtapes for Hookers

Matthew Barney Snapped Into A Slim Jim.

Three things:

1. Gay people are still up in arms that Tom Ford’s A Single Man is not being marketed exclusively to them.  It started last month, when Miramax released a slightly not-gay trailer and a poster showing Colin Firth and Julianne Moore (but not the far less famous person that plays Firth’s dead lover in the film.)

I don’t know, call me kooky, but I have no patience for people who complain about not being marketed to.  It’s not like Miramax is actively turning gay audiences away–it’s a Tom Ford-directed film based on a Christopher Isherwood novel, for God’s sake–so I don’t see what’s wrong with playing up the Julianne Moore character to lure in some non-gay audiences.

Regardless, I mainly want to see it because Julianne Moore’s hair looks AMAZING.  (Also, it would be nice to see her in something that took place in the same era as Far From Heaven but wasn’t as completely costume-y and ridiculous as Far From Heaven.)

2.  After seeing the underwhelming-to-me-and-no-one-else-in-the-world video for Bad Romance last month, porny blogger House of Vader rote a lengthy and kind of hilarious tirade about Lady GaGa and how she’s all style and no substance. I don’t actually agree with a lot of what he’s saying, but it’s worth reading anyway, especially for comments like this:

“P.s As critical as I am of L.G I will say just for the styling and acknowledge of the gays alone shes a lot better the that latin chick with the horrible voice who sings the wolf song and Rhianna, who is pretty but got nothin’ interesting going on, shes even more of a mannequin then Gaga, but at least Gaga has “flaws” that make her interesting to study. Rhianna to me just looks like a mannequin at Strawberry.”

The commenters all agreed with him, pretty much, including one who said that Lady GaGa looks like Matthew Barney snapped into a Slim Jim. (I don’t actually know what he means by that, but ha!)

3. I’m trying out TeuxDeux today.  Since basically abandoning paper, I’ve been looking for a way to make to-do lists that actually involves crossing off accomplishments (as opposed to just deleting them.)  Seeing three things on a list at the end of the day is much less satisfying than seeing three things on a list and four other things crossed off the list.  I’ll get back to you about how I like it.

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