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Next Year’s Life Theme Announced
December 7, 2009, 12:27 am
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This is me reading at Sex Worker Literati the other night, if you couldn’t tell.

I’m back in Rhode Island now and amazingly relaxed after two nights in the city.  I’m always very jazzed after even the shortest trip away from home, and now that the year is wrapping up I”m also ready to begin looking ahead.

I’m prematurely dubbing 2010 the Year Of Being Classy.  This means that I will read more books and see more movies (so I can converse about things besides the internet and Swedish pop hits of the 80’s.)  I will also look in the mirror before leaving home, and I will keep the apartment stocked with bottles of champagne in case of emergencies.  I will entertain visitors occasionally and deal with any art of the walls that is currently supported by push pins.  When I leave the house I will carry cash, including ones, fives, tens and twenties, so that I will not be a pain in the ass at restaurants.  And though I will not shave, necessarily, I will at least keep the beard maintained.  And I may start subscribing to magazines.

I also plan to write quite a bit this winter.  I actually have a couple of things starting to happen already, and a couple of collaborators for possible happenings in the nearish future.  But I’m not ready to talk about those quite yet…  I’ll keep you informed, though.

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