Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

Education can not, and will not, happen in downtown Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  The zoning board ruled on Tuesday night that the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health can’t open.  And just to prove their point, the city’s probably going to shut down the weaving studio and chess club that are already located in the same building.

Providence was the home of HP Lovecraft for much of his life, and it’s generally accepted even by people uninterested in unspeakable horrors that ol’ Howard was a racist even by early twentieth-century standards.  But try telling that to a blog commenter named Fluffy Panda.

Scott Woods’s roundup of the decade’s best music writing can go nowhere but down after this, a 2001 look at “an insuperably strong record that in time may well reveal itself to be a classic.”

Frank Gehry designed a hat for Lady GaGa. (via Design Observer)

100 films that are “beyond the canon.”  Some of my favorites are on there:  Magnolia, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?, A Hard Day’s’ Night, Written On The Wind, The Player…  I still really hate Groundhog Day and think Laura is the most overrated thing ever, though.  (Well, besides Blade Runner.  But it’s up there.)

[image:  Exergian makes really minimal posters for TV shows, from Kojak to Home Improvement.  Plus a bunch I’ve never heard of before, because my knowledge of TV died some time around 1997.]

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