Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News

I had my annual Fakesgiving (alternative vegetarian Thanksgiving potluck) party last night, so there were shouty drunkards in my apartment until 4 this morning.  Then I had to take down the Queercraft show.  So sorry this is brief.

Catholic Bishop Thomas Tobin has apparently banned Patrick Kennedy from receiving communion because the congressional rep (my district–woot!) is pro-choice.  The congressman is the son of Ted Kennedy.

Brenda, the transsexual prostitute frequented by Italian governor Piero Marrazzo before his political downfall last month, burned to death in a mysterious fire early this week.  Police are treating the case as a murder.

Cuban health care now covers free penis implants.

This is not how I would have spelled out the lyrics to Bad Romance at all.

Art Vinyl is looking for your favorite LP art of the year.  Seeing this list reminded me that it’s been a full year now since I’ve had a functioning turntable.

Over at Carnal Nation this week, I learned a lot about my balls, thanks to Scientific American.  I also learned how my laptop is probably killing my sperm and looked, briefly, into the shortlist for this year’s Bad Sex in Fiction prize.

Oh, and yawn.

[video:  Ellie Goulding’s Under The Sheets, which is pretty much my favorite song of right now.  I love how it works the whole Bat For Lashes/Florence craze for kooky Englishwomen but also manages to be poppy enough to dance to.]
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