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The Internet Was So Good Last Night!
November 19, 2009, 1:30 pm
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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single episode of Dallas, so I’m not sure who this Audrey Landers is or what it means that she played Afton Cooper on the show.  But last night I discovered her during a late-night sleepless Youtube crawl, and boy oh boy is she amazing.  Here she is with her sister Judy, performing the oddly hypnotizing Teach Me How To Rock while flanked by the world’s largest barstools.

(I discovered this last night and asked on Twitter what you would call the dropped tutu thing that Audrey is wearing.  It’s not a dress if it’s in two pieces, right?  And that can’t be just a skirt?)

After the jump, Audrey takes us on a journey around the world:

Here’s the video for her single Honeymoon In Trinidad, from 1984:

Now fresh from the beach, here’s a very yellow-haired Audrey singing about a Playa Blanca on German television:

Finally, here she is several years later, singing about Bella Italia in a jaunty pasta-naming fashion that recalls that great Italian songwriting duo, Ray Allen and Wandra Merrill:

Audrey also sang songs about Jamaica and Haiti and Texas.  She’s still singing her well-traveled heart out, bless her, though these days she appears to only release stuff in Germany.

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