Mixtapes for Hookers

Midweek Odds And Ends

People has come out with its annual Sexiest Man Alive list, which is topped for some reason by Johnny Depp.  It is a very, very dull list, notable to most of the internet (though not me) for its absence of Patrick Dempsey.  I, am the other hand, am mainly bugged by the presence of Adam Lambert, who is not sexy in any way whatsoever.  I may have been misguided the other day,  complaining about gay media struggling to convince us of the sex appeal of every white entertainer under the age of 30.  Straight media does it, too.

Speaking of people that are on that list, gossip rags are taking something Robert Pattinson said out of context and running with the story that his penis is small.  Ho-hum, who cares.  But have you ever heard the expression “highlight zone” before?  I hadn’t.

Back to reality.  Jodi Bieber’s Real Beauty series takes ordinary-looking women and places them in sexy situations.  The results are pretty, but also sad.  (via a syntheticpubes post I must have deleted.)

Natalia Antonova likes Sasha Gray.

Send a coat hanger to the twenty pro-choice Democrats who voted for the Stupak Amendment.

NPR is streaming the Fever Ray live album in its entirety.

Last.fm suggested to me that I might want to see the Cub Country show in Boston last night.  Sadly, I learned that Cub Country was a Jets To Brazil side project and not a furry Associates cover band.

Also on the hair front, Got Fur? announced the nominees for its annual Bear Awards.  I started perusing the nominees list and researching nominees before coming to the conclusion that I don’t know who any of these people are and should probably leave the decisions to people who do.

Speaking of awards, if you were wondering what Roger Ebert’s pick is for the Least Sexy Scene Unintentionally Suggesting Sex Between Two Aliens, wonder no longer.

Finally, I know I keep complaining about all the money I don’t have, but if I could scrounge up the twenty-five grand for this cupcake car I’m pretty sure everything would be A-OK.

[image: Back when I was barely legal, I used to really like a site called adidasboy.co.uk, which I just remembered today out of the blue.  It hasn’t been updated since 2004, but it’s worth a trip down memory lane if you have a Web 1.0 fetish.]

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