Mixtapes for Hookers

Sunday News


$pread Magazine is having a little bit of trouble coming up with the funds to get their next issue printed.  They’re asking for donations, which you can make on their website.  A quarter of their issues are given free of charge to sex workers who can’t otherwise afford it.  Also, I’ve got an article in the next issue, so for very selfish and vain reasons I’d like to make sure it gets printed.  Donations can be made through their website.

The legal defense fund for the killer of Dr. George Tiller tried to raise money via an eBay auction this week.  And, not that this is very surprising, it was was a total creepstravaganza.  It’s already been taken down for TOS violations by Youtube.  (via Lizz Winstead)

Blogs you might like: The Borderline Sociopathic Blog For Boys.  Heavy on the Youtubery but quite entertaining.

Terminators making whoopee.

Jason Scott’s (hour-long) presentation on The Atomic Level of Porn.

Speaking of which, the deadline for proposals for the SexTech conference is Tuesday.

Aravaind Agida’s The White Tiger leads the long, long, longlist for the Impac Dublin Prize, voted on by librarians the world over.  I actually really liked the book, though most of the reviews I read were snobbily negative about it.

Stephen Elliott is a very great writer and a very smart man.  Except, I guess, when he is talking about Liz Phair.  Whitechocolatespaceegg is one of the greatest albums ever and I have no patience for people who smugly dismiss everything she did after 1994 as though Headache and Ride and Shitloads of Money and Baby Got Going aren’t wonderful, wonderful songs.

In the UK, 52 pubs are closing each week.  Photographer Chris Etchells is documenting it.  (via the BBC)

[photo: Parker Posey in Party Girl, an imperfect yet completely lovable movie.  It’s her birthday today.]

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