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Monday News

Sorry for the lack of a news post yesterday.  I spent much of the day hungoverly traveling home from a wedding (almost reaching Boston before I noticed I was on the wrong highway) and then the rest of the day hanging out with the BF, who just got back from two weeks hanging out with porny people in Berlin.

This morning I was reading about the lawsuit that’s being brought against Prince Albert by his (alleged) former chief of intelligence.  There are so many weird aspects to this and, because it’s the Grimaldi family, I find all of them fascinating.  I mean, the British royals are really dull and unattractive, whereas the Monaco royals are all about glitz and glamor and sunny beaches and shady dealings and gambling.  The British like fox hunting, and the Monegasque are Olympic bobsledders.  Which one sounds better to you?  Also, they’re called the Monegasque.  (The spy, meanwhile, sounds pretty crazy himself, having been profiled by Salon in 2001 after he did some espionage work on behalf of Ringling Brothers.)

The Times of London also has this intriguing paragraph about his work:

[Robert Eringer, the spy] was particularly proud to have drawn agencies from other European mini-states into a “micro Europe” intelligence union. He claims he would regularly meet the spymasters of Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino and Malta for weekends of wine tasting when they would share information about money laundering and organised crime. They would also share jokes.

That’s amazing to me.  Completely, wonderfully amazing.  Even more amazing than the fact that all the articles are structuring this lawsuit as a sex tape scandal and not a crazy-in-every-way scandal.

But anyway.  In other news…

Does Nicole Kidman betray women?  No, I don’t think, but it might make for an interesting essay, anyway.  The Independent mentions her roles in Birth, Eyes Wide Shut, Dogville, and Dead Calm, because apparently having sex (in Dead Calm) and having kinky sex (in Eyes Wide Shut) is bad for women.  (I can only imagine what the writer thought about the blowjob she gave the teenaged Joaquin Phoenix in To Die For.  (To Die For is, by the way, my favorite of her movies.))  I’m looking forward to seeing Kidman playing an MTF transsexual in the upcoming adaptation of David Ebershoff’s excellent The Danish Girl.

“A piece of computer-generated pornography is a teenaged image.” –Seth Price, in an essay at Art Fag City.  Provocative read, though probably not for the reasons Price intended.

People in Maine are tired of hearing your opinions about gay marriage.

From the Department of No Shit, the World Health Organization will issue a report by the end of the year showing that cell phones are linked to brain tumors.

My new favorite Wikipedia page.

Early Russian color photography.

Even butchers like animal rights advocate Temple Grandin.

Want to Queer the 2010 census?  Click here.

It’s okay to be gay in Afghanistan?

Not so much in Iraq.  Or Montonegro.

Finally, from the movie world:  everyone–even Advertising Age–is talking about Paranormal Activity as if it cost $15,000 to get where it is today.  It cost $300,000 for Paramount to acquire and about $2,000,000 to market.  That means about 150 times the production cost was devoted to marketing and promotion.  Still extremely cheap for a Hollywood movie, yes, but there’s no point carrying on like a kajillion Facebook ads don’t cost anything.

[video: I’m not sure, exactly, but Bruce LaBruce posted it to his Facebook this morning.]
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