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This Week In Thrilling Videos
October 21, 2009, 5:36 pm
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I’m really excited about the new Shakira album.  Did It Again, from the little samples I’ve heard, is an awesome, awesome song.  I mean, I’ve only heard it in its entirety twice, and both times coming out of my crappy computer speakers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being one of my songs of the year.  Here she is, performing it on Saturday Night Live last week.

Speaking of videos, Vanity Fair has the new Fever Ray clip up.  It’s a cover of Nick Cave and Anita Lane’s 1986 song Stranger Than Kindness.  It’s a really awesome video and a very cool song (though I can’t say I’m familiar with the original.)  It’s so awesome, in fact, that Vanity Fair thought it was okay to introduce it with the phrase “You.  Hear It.  First, muthafuggaz!!”  (I don’t know, is that the normal writing style for Vanity Fair?  I guess I haven’t read it in a while.)    Fever Ray will be releasing the deluxe edition of her self-titled debut album this November.  Hear that, Santa?

Ask Ma, the kooky new Slits single, comes from their album Trapped Animal, which is their first in twenty-nine years.  I like the album, kind of a lot actually, though some of the songs are quite long for what they are and could stand to be trimmed a smidge.  Anyway, some person thought it would be a good idea to make a video for the song incorporating footage from Disney’s Jungle Book.  (I have no idea why.)  See it on Youtube now, before it inevitably gets taken down in about half an hour.

An extremely unrelated (and not actually new) video I just came across is for Coil’s 1986 song Ostia, a song about the death of Pier Paolo Pasolini.  The video was made last year in Thailand, and it’s about Cambodian kids; it’s very gruesome, but also worth watching.  A very different take on a very good song.  (I feel like I’ve told this story before; I was first introduced to Coil by a guy I dated very briefly back in 2004; he had an amazing record collection, but also a sadistic sense of humor.  He wore jean shorts, and only kept butter in his refrigerator, and cheated on me by having a three-day bareback affair with an HIV-positive sailor.  Anyway, Coil was his favorite band.  Almost immediately after we broke up, Coil singer John Balance died; I took that as a good omen.)  If you’re unfamiliar with the group, maybe start with something on the more accessible side, like their somber AIDS-themed cover of Tainted Love.

Finally, to brighten things up just a bit, here’s somebody doing a solo cello cover of LCD Soundsystem’s Someone Great.

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When I initially heard “Did It Again”, I was pretty damn skeptical of Shakira’s direction after “She Wolf”. Now, I’m kind of obsessed. I still haven’t decided how I feel about the full album, but I wish her the best. The world needs more weird-ass pop stars who aren’t trying too hard (see Lady Gaga).

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