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Jeremy Scahill Talks About Blackwater, Makes Me Swoony
September 25, 2009, 11:18 pm
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Dreamy Jeremy Scahill made an appearance on Rachel Maddow’s television program this evening to talk about the government’s plan to take money away from ACORN and what the implications of that are, exactly.

For those of you that don’t pay attention to national news, or to those of you in other countries, what it amounts to is this:

Both houses of congress voted to strip money from ACORN after a couple pretending to be a prostitute and a pimp asked members at various local offices to help them start a brothel.  (Hidden cameras were involved, obviously.)  In three instances, ACORN reps fell for the trap, giving the couple advice on what to do, what to say to whom and how to say it.  The videos leaked and the government panicked, stripping the organization of its federal funding.  (In general, ACORN registers people to vote, helps with housing for the poor, and generally behaves like a ramshackle service agency.  My one encounter with the organization’s Providence office was almost accidental, but it appeared to be run by well-meaning though very disorganized hippies; in their defense, though, the ACORN folks were also doing lots of poor people’s income taxes at the time, which would probably turn anyone into a disorganized hippie.)

Maddow’s arguments about the funding cut are that a) it’s unconstitutional to write a law specifically directed against one individual or organization, 2) while ACORN is by no means perfect, the amount of money they get from the government each year amounts to a small percentage of what war contractors are paid on a daily basis, and 3) if the real outrage is prostitution, the government should maybe reconsider its contract with DynCorp, who still gets federal funding even after thirteen DynCorp employees were revealed to have taken part in a Bosnian child prostitution ring.

All of which are valid, true points. You can watch the video here; wait until just before the five minute mark for the DynCorp mention and then about the seven-minute mark for Scahill to appear.

While I don’t really like Maddow’s program–left-wing blowhard pundit types yelling on the screen aren’t really any more attractive to me than right-wing blowhard pundit types yelling at the screen–it’s really remarkable that ACORN is being bullied over a fake prostitution setup when companies like Blackwater are literally committing murder and defrauding the government regularly, yet still getting God only knows how much cash every day.

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