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Donna Hughes And Her Ironic Quotation Marks Strike Again
September 15, 2009, 2:26 pm
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Donna Hughes, the URI professor who is crazily orchestrating the whole anti-prostitution push here in Rhode Island, sent an e-mail yesterday to all the City Council members in Pawtucket (or at least all the ones with e-mail addresses listed on the city’s website).  The issue?  The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, a non-profit resource center which is supposed to open in the city later this month (and which I’ve already been to, and which looks very lovely.)

The e-mail, in its entirety, after the jump:

From: Donna M. Hughes
To: [all the city council]
Subject: Sex center coming to Pawtucket
Sent: Sep 14, 2009 9:35 AM


A center for “sexual rights” and “sexual pleasure” is opening in


Donna Hughes

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Note how she doesn’t mention that she’s a professor, or that she doesn’t actually live or work in Pawtucket, or that she has previously written editorials in the Providence Journal attacking CSPH founder Megan Andelloux for, among other things, her physical appearance.

If Donna Hughes’ main concern is human trafficking, which I’m assuming she still claims it is, she should not care about a discreet storefront in Pawtucket offering workshops and a library.  It is becoming clearer, though, that Hughes is hell-bent on pushing her own personal anti-sex agenda.

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Damn I “though” you ran out of “photos”! You are too “funny”. I am “blogging” about “this” now too!

Comment by happyendingsdoc

[…] sex workers when they testified against the legislation.  She also took an anti-education stance, opposing Megan Andelloux’s opening of the Center for Sexual Pleasure and […]

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