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It’s This 1 Thing About Amerie That Got Me Trippin’
September 10, 2009, 10:26 pm
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This is driving me nuts.  But.

Last weekend I was in Boston driving home from the Pet Shop Boys show–which I haven’t even written about yet, but which was amazingly awesome for many, many reasons, not the least of which is that I saw an adorable forty-something bear with a walrus moustache totally start crying when King’s Cross came on.  Which was the cutest thing ever.

But on the car ride home–which did not (for once) involve me getting lost–I started scanning the radio stations and was very, very excited to hear Yelle’s Ce Jeu somewhere in the commercial part of the dial.  And then after was over, Rihanna’s Shut Up And Drive came on, followed by an amazing–and amazingly poppy–version of Amerie’s Crazy Wonderful.  What is this magical mystery radio station, I wondered?

Well, it turns out it was the Harvard station (WHRB), something that became immediately apparent when the DJ came on and introduced her set by being all like “Um, so that last hour was an entire hour of girl candy pop songs, which I know is very lowbrow of me and I don’t normally do things like that, haw haw haw.”  And I was all like “Uggh, Harvard girl, just tell me what that wonderful Amerie remix was and then shut your gilded trap.”

And then she didn’t tell me.  Because apparently the songs were so lowbrow and beneath her she didn’t feel the need to say what they were.  And, from my internet searching, there aren’t any Crazy Wonderful remixes at all in the universe, which shouldn’t be that surprising because it’s an album track on an album that was released almost a full year later than it should have been.

So, maybe one of you gentle readers might know what I’m talking about.  The remix was very Europoppy, and not as slowjammy as the original, and I think the poppy mood actually fit the chorus of the song better than the original does.

So, uh, any guesses?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I will give you presents and/or crazy kisses if you can help.

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